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 Paul Royka at the New England Museum Association Conference. Later he sponsored two dinners at the Concord Art Museum and the National Heritage Museum in Lexington, MA

 Paul Royka sponsors dinner reception for The Daguerreian Society

Paul helps the late photography collector Jack Naylor appraise his massive collection of photography.  Paul sells pieces to legendary musicians Graham Nash and Queen's Brian May.

Paul sets a new record auctioning 750 paintings from artist estate in one day / non-stop!
Bidders participate live, on the phone and over the Internet.  Paul has set many record prices at his sales.

Paul appraises and sells
John Singleton Copley
(1738-1815) portrait
to museum

AppraisalDay.com identifies Magsaysay-ho painting
found in thrift store. 
Sold for over $400,000 in Hong Kong!

Recently submitted
Tiffany Studios Peony Lamp $40,000 to $60,000

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Many appraisers claim to have "years" of experience and cite their "memberships" in appraisal associations as qualifications, but Paul is more than the average appraiser.  Beyond attaining a Masters Degree, having 35 years experience in art and antiques, authoring several books, hosting hundreds of appraisal lectures and events and appearing on popular TV appraisal programs, Paul has set records at his auctions and handled some of the finest items and collections to come to market.  For instance the above group of 19th century posters found in an attic in New York were sold for over $250,000 at his auction.  The lamp was found in Vermont and the owner didn't know the shade was Tiffany, he sold it for her for $10,000!  The painting was torn and sitting in a crate left in the family by their father.  Paul had it restored and it sold for over $270,000!  The vase was submitted online and Paul told the client about the history of Marblehead Pottery and got his client over $12,000 for it!  Beyond that he has worked on major artist estates including authoring several artist catalogues and presented thousands of works for sale.  Paul is always on the hunt for new treasures so why not contact him?

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This Steiff teddy bear was in a closet in the estate of a person with Alzheimer.  Paul got the estate over $10,000 for the bear which was later used for charity!

A women brings this painting in for an appraisal after a dealer offered her $4,000.
  Paul sold it for his client
getting them $241,500!

Found in an attic by a person helping an elderly client downsize they contacted Paul who graded the gold coin and sold it for $17,000!

email paulroyka@appraisalday.com
with name, address, description and pictures.  It's that easy!

Market Trends:

A recent Washington Post article Stuff It: Millennials Nix Their Parents’ Treasures by Jura Koncius states “A seismic shift of stuff is underway in homes all over America” and I agree wholeheartedly.  I am also approached on a daily basis with items from people who are trying to clean out estates who think what they paid for something in the past is still relevant today.  An example given the article is “Stephanie Kenyon, 60, the owner of Sloans & Kenyon Auctioneers and Appraisers in Chevy Chase, says the market is flooded with boomer rejects. “Hardly a day goes by that we don’t get calls from people who want to sell a big dining room set or bedroom suite because nobody in the family wants it. Millennials don’t want brown furniture, rocking chairs or silver-plated tea sets. Millennials don’t polish silver.” The formal furniture is often sold at bargain prices, or if it’s not in good shape, it might go straight to the dump.”

While the market is getting smaller there is still finds to be made in fine art and other items that are more unique.  I hope I can help you find a treasure but “the old days” are over and we all must adjust to the new reality of the market.

Recently submitted
to AppraisalDay.com:

Gold Liberty 1813 Coin
Valued over $15,000!

Emile Munier (1840-1895) painting

Paul finds two iconic folk art portraits at an appraisal day for a church fundraiser.  They were almost thrown in the dumpster by the family that brought them in.  He told them "thank God you saved them!"
They were value at over $30,000!

Paul finds a Louis Vuitton trunk hidden in the alcove of an attic of a former Governor of Massachusetts's family residence worth over
$5,000!  They had no idea it was there!

Paul Royka's art exhibition raises thousands of dollars for the Marblehead Arts Association

Paul Royka auctions rare Pomo basket found
in an estate for over $17,000!

Paul Royka knows what time it is.  It's time to get big money for his clients.  He auctions the E. Howard wall clock for $10,000 and the Boston grandfather clock for over $70,000!

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